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Question: Does HiWAAY offer any support when I use FrontPage on the Personal Web Server (home.hiwaay.net)


Many HiWAAY subscribers use Microsoft FrontPage to create and manage their personal web sites.  Some even wonder why HiWAAY does not offer support for the FrontPage Extensions on the personal web server home.hiwaay.net   To make it easier for those who are new to publishing web sites and who may not be as familiar with scripting and Internet protocols like FTP,  CGI, or other programming languages, Microsoft has built into FrontPage some features which require non-standard capabilities be added into the web server itself. These are what Microsoft calls the FrontPage Server Extensions. FrontPage extensions were designed to be run from on a Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 server.  HiWAAY uses a combination of the most robust high performance web servers and operating systems available; the Apache web server running Compaq Tru64 UNIX.   While Microsoft does offer FrontPage server extensions for these particular platforms, our evaluation reveals several problems with them when used in a public server environment. The most serious of these problems are related to security. It does not appear to be possible to allow what are known as user written scripts to co-exist in a secure environment on the same server with the standard FrontPage Extensions. Unfortunately, cgi is very popular with our users and to disable them in favor of the much weaker FrontPage Extensions would do our subscribers a great disservice. All the discussion of FrontPage server extensions in the Microsoft manual might lead you to think they are an important requirement to make full use of FrontPage. Do not despair, in reality this is not a significant limitation at all.

While HiWAAY neither recommends or endorses Microsoft FrontPage or any other HTML editor, we can point you to other programs which will help designing and publishing your web site.  If you're looking for a good WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML/web page editor, there are several that use much more standard methods and are much easier to troubleshoot. A few of these are Macromedia Dreamweaver, CuteHTML, CoffeeCup, Macromedia Home Site, and of course FrontPage Many of these editors have a built-in FTP feature that makes uploading and managing your site just as easy as FrontPage.

In summary you certainly can use FrontPage to design your website and publish it on HiWAAY's personal web server.  Even though FrontPage server extensions are not available for HiWAAY's servers, it is not a real limitation. Rather than FrontPage Extensions, HiWAAY's powerful web servers offer full support for cgi scripts which can be tailored by the web author to meet any web page design requirement. HiWAAY's Technical Support staff has written a simple cgi tutorial to show you how to take advantage of CGI scripts.  It can be found HERE.  Also, you'll be glad to know that HiWAAY does offer FrontPage Server Extensions on our Unix-based RaQ Hosting servers.  For more specific details on using FrontPage to publish your site to a web server, Microsoft has prepared several Knowledgebase articles that will most certainly be of help to you.  You can find at the FrontPage 2000 Publishing Resource Center 

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